Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Of the Boys....

I can't remember who plurked it first, but one of my fellow plurkies asked the question, " have you ever changed your shape from male to female to see what would happen?" This kinda stuck in my mind for a couple of days and finally I clicked. What I discovered was pretty funny.  I altered my shape a bit and finally came up with a look that i found acceptable for blogging.

This weekend the, "Make Him Over" hunt launched and outfits and skins from top designers of SL placed freebies across their stores. Here are some of the items from the hunt and my boy shape. I plan on trying to add more male items to the blog in the future. This is just a first attempt for the blog. Please feel free to comment and offer suggestions on how to improve upon my manly shape.


The Look- One of the Boys
Hair-Aden, Aden Breyer-Edie- Brown
*Skin-Unique Megastore, Nany Merlin, Apolo M2 caminho barba queixo- hunt# 21
*Eyes-: Exodi- Ryker Beck- Tetra Eyes - Naturals Leaves
*Sweater/Hoodie-*FIR & MNA, Rob1977 Moonites, Hartford Hoodie-hunt #5
Jeans- friday, Low.Rise Jeans (Midnight)
*Pumpkin-!BANG- Trieste Minuet-Hold this pumpkin-Pose 6 male

*Blogger review item or freebie gift.

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