Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blue on Black

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I've been playing in 2.0 viewer today. I wanted to give it a fair shot since I'm so hooked on the Phoenix viewer. I'm still not a fan of this viewer (2.0). I have problems when using my space navigator. Currently it runs into a problem where the move or fly cam won't work properly. Also I don't have those cool shadows that most people get to play with. I sure hope Second Life is able to provide shadows for Macs soon and that they fix the 2.0 space navigation problem. Ok enough of my mini rant.


Really what i'm digging about this whole look is the hair it's from Amacci, Carina Larsen dropped of some new styles on me, released September 19th. My current Favorite out of the bunch is Doris. Doris really shows the growth that Carina has had in her hair styles and textures. The edges are beautifully done giving symmetry and fullness as well as bringing a softness to this hair. I choose the color Midnight Blue because the dark blue highlights totally brought a glow and made my eyes look pretty.  In all Amacci is growing in style and with every new release Carina is improving her skill.

The Look-Blue on Black
*Hair-Amacci-Carina Larsen- Doris-Midnight Blue
*Eyes-  Exodi- Ryker Beck-Zbilja- Deep
*Skin-Glam Affair- Aida Ewing-Leona Skin-Dressing Room Special
Dress- Nylon Outfitters- Nylon Pinkney-Goldfish Dress
Necklace-Addict- Treasured Peacock Necklace
*Earrings- Turnstyle- Kingston Augustus- Sand Dollar Earrings- SLDD Item

*Blogger Gift or Special Discounted item.

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