Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Because...

A couple of days ago Hart Larsson of PXL Creations dropped off his newest skin, Dafne on me and well I simply can't get enough of these beauties. I have been playing around with different looks and skin tones trying to create a look that will highlight Dafne in a manner that shows just how much detail PXL creations gives each skin. What I've discovered through this process is Dafne is perfect for dressing up into something Glam or when trying to give yourself that girl next door look. It's even great when slipping into something smexy. Totally versatile PXL skins are special, beautiful and packed with options!


Each skin includes the following selections.
3 eyebrow colors (light, medium and dark)
1 Tattoo Layer for freckles
1 Cleavage enhancer (option for Undershirt or Tattoo Layer)

PXL Creations has a total of four skin tones in it's Dafne line.
LT (Light), SK (SunKissed), NAT(Natural) and PA (Pale).

The Makeup aspect
So getting down to the most colorful and soulful part of any skin the Makeup. This is where Hart packs the creative heat and is in tune with his customers. I've seen his plurks where he asks for advice from fellow plurkies on what they would like to see on a skin. The amazing thing is that Hart follows the ques and incorporates these suggestions creating an assortment of colors and style.

There are a total of 7 lipsticks
Nude, Pale, Bronze, Pink, Wine, Rose, Passion

A total of 4 Eye makeup options
Nude, Extreme, Glam and Special

A total of 27 skins in each skin tone. Prices for indivudial skin tones are $1,000L while eyepacks containing 7 skins are $5,000L.

* Remember if you are a part of the PXL female VIP Group you can recieve 10% discount on your purchases.

Photo Credits

1) The Mariner's Bride
Hair- Paper Couture, Powdered Wig, Seaside and Pearls- 2008
*Skin-PXL Creations, Hart Larsson, Dafne, LT Blue Makeup MEB
*Bonus option- Dafne LT Pushup (Tattoo)
Dress-Paper Couture, Ava Lu, Peach Sorbet, 2008
Ring- Zarra, Zaara Kohime, Kashiti Bobble Ring *Pearl and Silver

2) Fall's Girl
Hair- Magika, Sabina Gully, Dara (Chestnut)
*Skin-PXL Creations, Hart Larsson, Dafne LT NE NudeLips MEB
*Bonus Option- Full Body Freckles
Dress-Surf Co, Emma Gilmour, Somer Dress Top- Goldenrod
Sweater-Surf Co, Emma Gilmour, Artist Cardigan-Gray 2 (50L item)
*Pose- !Bang, Trieste Minuet, Feeling Blah 6

3) A Burlesque Tease
Hair-Friday, Parvarti Monday, Deena, Thoughtful Brown (2009)
*Skin-PXL Creations, Hart Larsson, Dafne LT GL PinkLips MEB
*Bonus Option- Dafne LT Pushup (Tattoo)
Lingerie-Ooh LaLa!, Nylon Pinkney, Lined Corset, Yellow Pink
*Pose- !Bang, Trieste Minuet ,This shit is bananas 6

*Blogger or gift Items.
*Blog title given by Beulah Mills, Thank you

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