Wednesday, September 1, 2010

La Dolce Vita

Ahh The Sweet Life. Somedays life seems so overwhelming for me and these are the moments I stop and think about the sweet or good things in my life. I close my eyes and think about the positive not the negative that surrounds me. Try to accept the changes that this world is presenting and think of ways to bring a smile to the face of loved ones. Yes, I truly believe you can have the sweet life anywhere. It's not exclusive to a location but rather is a mindset that we could all share with others.

The Look- La Dolce Vita

Hair- Amacci, Carina Larsen, Laura-Dark Brown
Skin- L.Fauna Skins, Launa Fauna, Lola-Candy, Tan2
Dress-Katat0nik, Katat0nik Pidgeon, Confetti Dress-50L friday
Jewerly-Caroline's, Caroline Apollo, Cupcake Charm Set
Pose- Glitterati, Katey Coppala, Headshot 6

*Special thank you to Strawberry Singh for releasing a video tutorial on how to get a closed eye effect.

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Strawberry Singh said...

YAY you did it! It looks awesome! <333