Thursday, May 27, 2010

"La La Love" with Ooh La La

The other night I was walking along Tableau and found a store that totally caught my eye. It's called Ooh La La, which became the answer for the new lingerie hunt I was on. I immediately went into this cute lingerie boutique and purchased a couple of sets. Ooh La La is created by Nylon Pinkney, a total Fashion Guru.  I really hope Nylon continues creating more lingerie, perhaps costumes?....I can dream right?

Currently there is a total of 4 different Lingerie sets. The Betty Body Suit, Candy Body Suit (Shown above), Veronica Bows Set, and Lacy Slip (Shown below). All are moderately priced and do not exceed $150L, the quality surpasses the price. In addition, there are 11 stockings and 3 garter clips in the collection.

<3 Ooh La La, it makes your unmentionables, worth mentioning ;)

The Look-Ooh La La 
Pic 1
Hair-LAMB-Whoop Dee Doo-pale Blue
Skin-Exodi-Dael Solei-5-(arriving June 1, 2010)
Eyes-Exodi-Zbija- Deep-Pale Blue
Lingerie-Ooh La La-Candy Bodysuit-Blue
Pose-Glitterati-Sci-fi Hallway-Pose 8

Pic 2
Hair-Friday-Rashelle-Thoughtful Brown
Skin-Exodi-Dael-Soleil-3-(arriving June 1, 2010)
Lingerie-Ooh La La-Lacey Slip-Red
Pose-StoRin-Something Cute-Pose7

Dial up my number now
Weaving it through the wire

Switch me on
Turn me up
Don't want it Baudelaire
Just glitter lust
Switch me on
Turn me up
I want to touch you
You're just made for love

I need la la la la la la
-La La Love-Goldfrapp

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