Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get Your Freak On...

Here is entry number two in the character series. It's Lara Croft. So needless to say Lara Croft is one kick ass virtual woman, armed with guns, military intellect and an intense body that created a cult following. She's like the female version of Indiana Jones, a total tomb raider.  She's even the star of two movies. I must admit I am a fan of the movies more than the video games; although, I didn't become a fan until I saw Angelia portray her character.  

To capture the "Tomb Raider" look I opted to change the windlight settings to something that was a little more dark. I realize these are not the typical "Fashion" photos, but this post isn't about that. It's about the character and setting the scene. I'm including the credits at the bottom of what I'm wearing.

I had another character for Tue, but decided not to blog, if you care to peek they are here and here.

ohhh and Fra yes, I googled, Lara Croft, video game character.....Laura Croft, playmate :P thanks for the correction.  

The Look-Tomb Raider
Hair-69-Me-Dark Chesnut
Skin-Dutch Touch-Isis-Olive-Natural
Tee- Dunes-Simple Tank Top Black
Shorts- Shabby Cat-Teeny Shorts
Socks-Pig-Mit Suspenders
Boots- Combat Boots Black 2009 edition
Belt- DL-Shikaku assassin utility belt
Gun-Melee Switcher-Colt 45
Pose 1-Striking Poses- Girls with Guns-8
Pose 2- Striking Poses-Girls with Guns-10
Pose 3- Striking Poses- Girls with Guns-4

I run like the breeze to catch this life but sometimes get a need til I bleed!
There's truth, I go, there's a rhyme, I will tell it, a story, i'll defend it
Missy come in and I landed! Hell where did she come from?
This international goddess sun so get your hands up like this hun
until the party's just begun!-Get your freak on-Missy and Nelly Furtado.

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