Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Right As Rain" in L'Abel

The newest release from L'Abel are one word....Gorgeous. Classic, timeless and ohhh so chic L'Abel is a must stop shopping location for ladies with discerning taste. Known for her wonderful vintage styles, Neferia Abel, of Ivalde has released couture style fashions under her L'abel these fashions are wonderul for ladies that want to incorporate a little bit of glam into thier sl lives.

With spring quickly approaching the "Mari grey cardigan" is perfect for layering over short cute lacy tops. I paired this tasty treat with jeans for a more relaxed and comfortable feel. Mari, knitted top is versatile and allows your style to shine when matching. The flexi flowing prim waist can be removed to reveal a short cropped jacket. Which when paired with a skirt and other accessories can create a posh, polished and refined look.

 The "Anneli black dress", is this seasons answer to the LBD. I instantaneous fell in love with the lace and trim along the bottom and decolletage of the dress. The texturing is beautiful, if you look closely you can see the detial work that Nef placed in her design. It's truly something to be admired. The flower on the waist embellish the dress and draws the eye across the silhouette and curves created by the sculpti bottom. L'Abel has proven to have beautifully crafted items and is a premier choice in my spring attire. These new items to be released on Saturday March 13, 2010.

Who wants to be right as rain
It's better
When something is wrong
You get excitement in your bones
And everything you do's a game
- Right as Rain- Adele

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