Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Light Up My Room" with The Loft

The main reason I shop from The Loft can be summed up in one word...QUALITY.  The loft has never failed to meet my expectations, but rather with every new release they have managed to exceed it; making most furniture shops a pain and disappointment to visit. I've seen The Loft grow in style and content design during my time in SL. The latest release being no exception, as someone that has been a fan of the loft for quite some time I must tell you these designs contain a feature that I have been awaiting for quite some time now. I was extremely excited to see The Loft's introduction of texture customization in its prim furniture. These low prim designs, are not only beautiful in their simplicity, but give you freedom and greater options in choosing your decor. The Maxwell Furniture has been designed in mind to accompany the Linden's Meadowbrook style homes, a part of the premium membership advantages. With only 117 prims, SL Linden Homes are quite the challenge to decorate.

When SL released Linden Homes I quickly signed up for my space. Determined to make a space that was unique and reflective of me. I quickly found the Meadowbrook styles calling my name. Linden Labs created themed home areas, neighborhoods, where SLers can mingle and live. I really enjoy my Linden home the view is great, (I'm a sucker for windows). No ugly signs, strip clubs or builds; out of all of my three mainland parcels it's the most serene and happy. When decorating my LL Home I tried to incorporate a modern decor in order to maintain the integrity of the home's design. Black and White became the central colors with floral motifs appearing as reminder of the spring season.

 Squirrels roaming, leaves falling and neighbors on all sides the Linden Lab home has great potential to provide future population growth within the SL community. LL can use these homes as a tool for future growth and advancement by creating not just a visually stunning location, but one that fosters friendship. Which can hopefully lead to an emotionally attachment to the SL community, retaining residents and enticing new one to join thru word of mouth.

The Loft Items..
Picture 1
Maxwell Desk
Maxwell Laptop
Maxwell Study Chair (8 textures, 6 animations)
Picture 2
Molinari Daybed Dark (older release)
Record Mirrors (older release)
Maxwell Garden Panel
 Picture 3
Maxwell Bed (8prims, Full animation bed, Multi Texture)
Picture 4
Maxwell Side Board
Maxwell Dried Decor

A Hydro-field cuts through my neighborhood
Somehow that always just made me feel good
I can put a spare bulb in my hand
And light up my yard-BNL- Light up my room

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