Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today's LOTD is all about the ladies of mystery, Velma and Nancy Drew, Like "Murder she wrote", these great detectives were the inspiration when pulling this look together, vintage, modest and slightly nerdy it says "Jinkies, a mystery is afoot." (Credits at the bottom)
A good detective knows that makeup can become a great tool for sleuthing. A compact is wonderful for looking around corners and signaling for help using Morris code and the sun. Lipstick can be used in a pinch to leave messages on windows, and mark spots of where evidence is located.
Always carry a sketch book, note book or scrap paper. You never know when you might have sketch a suspect, write down a license plate or other valuable information.
and of course no detective should ever be without a flashlight. Perfect to see those things that go bump in the night. 

The Look:Super Sleuth
Skin-LAQ Tasha
Glasses-Artilleri-Gladys Glasses
Dress-Ivalde-Mette (adventgift 18)
Shoes-Truth-Newton Wedge-Mocha

Peek in, sneak about
I'm gonna snoop and call you out
I've caught you, you're hands are red
Now I'm your broken hearted detective-No Doubt- Detective

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