Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Goodness a whole month without a post, I suppose things have been a tad busy over here in RL and SL. I do hope to blog a bit more the break was a good one but now it's time to get back to work. Summer is officially over and fall has made it's away into our world bringing new beginnings and a change of scenery.

Recently I returned to the school scene, in an attempt to finish my degree. It feels good to go back and have classes once again, although returning to a normal schedule has been quite the challenge. It seems that I'm having more late nights than I should, but at the same time having so much fun. In the end it's all worth it ;)
Oh and in case your wondering, That guy in the pic is my new beau Tinman Heron, so expect to see more snapshots of him from time to time. :) He's a cutie.

Sunday the FACES modeling agency had a fashion show for the Third annual Hair Fair to benefit Locks for Love. (I was one of the models.) There were approximately 80 wigs that were showcased during the event. Here are my favorite two Diversity Hair's, Janis and TM Hair, Swept Away. If you haven't gone out to the hair fair there is still a little bit of time to make your way out there. The Hair Fair ends September 7Th and 50% of the proceeds will be given to Locks for Love. Hurry and make the trip before it ends, just be careful of the awful lag monster.
Ohh and before I forget CDS is planning an Oktoberfest this month, which means Beer, Busty Ladies and Lederhosen. This event is carefully planned by the CDS community and it's one that you will want to check out. CDS also added a new Sim, Locus Amoenus, last Friday. while I did miss the opening ceremonies due to prior engagements I will be writing a new blog entry for this Sim so stay tuned for more info.

Can I graduate
Can I look in faces that I meet
Can I get my punk ass off the street
Ive been living on for so long
Can I graduate- Third Eye Blind

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