Tuesday, July 29, 2008

e agora

One of my favorite things to do in SL is to attend Live music events. To hear someone that is truly talented, music that is expressive and ponders the mind, an art form unfiltered from media and stereotypes. These SL music artists are part of the unwashed masses, free from the constraints and restrictions of trying to fit into someone's "box".

My good friend Votslav is manager to some of these wonderful musicians, Peltzer Hirano IMHO is the best. Peltzer is a RL musician from Portugal that shares his music to the SL world. His show "One incoherent Scenario" is mix of Electro pop, piano and classical jazz. His Voice, lyrics and unique style of music has a way of hooking you.. leaving you with the desire to chant for more. (To say the least I am quite the fan.) To find out about Peltzer's show and other great talented musicians in SL you can join the group "symbiotic" or "PELTZER PIXELS".

"The Labyrinth" by Halden Beaumont featured his song "E agora", and is now part of the Second Life Showcase-Photos and Machinima. "The Labyrinth" was also nominated for best digital short film in the International Film Festival Festroia 2008.

See I told ya, Talent! I hope you take the time to visit Peltzer's show in world, you won't be disappointed.

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Criador said...

I feel touched by your words.
You make me feel like working more and more, thank you!!!