Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Girl and the Sea

Locus Amoenus is the newest sim to be added to CDS and boy does it live up to it's name. Locus Amoenus which means pleasant place in Latin is beautiful, and tranquil. This roman based sim has a charm that will ensnare and captivate your imagination and heart. The lush scenery is whimsical in nature and just makes you want to move in and find a spot of your very own. This new Sim is by far the best looking of all the CDS sims, not that they are not all beautiful in their own special way. :)
For more information on acquiring your very own piece of LA, visit this link. I will note there is double the prim allowance on this sim for if you are looking for a piece of land or land to call a home, want a higher prim allowance than mainland and have a love for Roman themes Locus Ameoenus is the place for you. Not to mention that by owning land in this Sim you can participate in the democratic process that is CDS. :)
A place
I've found
could be
all ours
but I've seen
where you
would rather be.

Girl and the sea- The Presets

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