Friday, January 11, 2008

End it on this..


I've waited all week for this sale at Last Call, and boy was I in for a surprise when I landed. First the sim region was full, that was a given considering who Ginny was to the SL community and the quality of work she produced. The 100l price point didn't hurt either as many scrambled to get these last designs for such a steal. I landed in the Last Call landing point and started to feel a bit claustrophobic, more avatars started to rezz and soon I realized that we were all confined to a small box outside the men's store. It felt like some kind of cruel joke, to be close to the clothes, but not actually able to buy anything . A girl in the crowd informed me it has been busy like this since midnight her time, and she was from Australia. I felt like the lady in that old commercial sitting outside her favorite store hands pressed against the glass peering in chanting OPEN OPEN OPEN. I heard one of my fellow shoppers come up with the idea to cam shop and we all disabled camera restraints and zoomed in to the building, Anything for a sale right?! Shortly after zooming in the Sim crashed :( I didn't get to spend one measly Linden and its such a shame too, I save all week for this sale. So now I will sit checking the Dazzle sim over and over again until I have a chance to teleport in and grab loads of items. I guess patience is a virtue and its something I must learn.

BTW- to earn some extra cash for college I've gone back to work at Insurrection Alley, one of the coolest places in SL, I call home. I'm shaking my fanny like I did during my newbies days, only this time I'm a tad braver. Events are held Friday, Sat, Sunday and Monday from 8-10 slt. Feel free to pop in and say hello.

You see its hard to face
The addict thats inside of me
I want to fill my glass up
With you constantly
Ive been here before
But Ive never ever felt this sure
And now I know Ive been dreaming
And your actions
Have inspired me, so...
-No Doubt

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