Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years

Today is New Years Eve which means it's time to PARTY!!! I hope everyone has a great and safe New years. I am hosting a party in RL tonight, which is a little unnerving at the moment because I have put off cleaning, cooking and shopping until the last day; curses to my procrastination skills. This definitely means I wont be logging in much today. I predict that it will be the same on Tuesday, and I'm sure it's gonna be alcohol related. I can hear the Lemon Drop martinis calling me now. I hope this time I don't drunk IM people.

Last night when I should have been cleaning I was surfing YouTube and watching videos on Second Life. I ran across a set of movies from Phaylen Fairchild, and I have now fallen in LOVE. I think I actually might have a crush on Phaylen now. I did a little stalking, I mean research and looked up her SL profile. Today is her Rezz Day, so I would like to send out a big Happy Rezz day to her. She has something in her profile I have never seen before, Account: Charter Member, shes been around since 2002. That alone is enough reason to worship the ground she walks on. Here is my second reason.

DiVAs is a new sitcom, a virtual comedy all filmed in Second Life. Phaylen is the writer, director, and editor, this woman does it all. DiVAS had me sitting at the edge of my seat giggling and wanting more. The absence of dialog highlighted the awesome choice of music and kept a level of fantasy that reminded me of Disney films. I could go on and on about how great her movies are or I can show you. Trust me these are worth watching!

Once again have a Happy New Year Sweethearts! MUHA!! Love Bells- See you soon

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Caterin Semyorka said...

Hiyah Bells, nice to see another Semyorka with a blog.

Thanks for tipping me off to DiVAs, hilarious!