Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going Away to College


College Life has come to Second Life in the form of KSU (Kindly State University). This is a Role Play Sim with all things college would offer. I was really excited to start at KSU. I applied early, so I could have access the minute it opened. This is my first time ever in a Role Play environment. I always wanted to try RP out, but the other Sims I ran across didn't seem like they would suit me. After all it wasn't that long that I roamed the halls of a college campus myself. :)

Writing the blog at the University Store :)
KSU is NOT open to the public, which is a good thing. This is to help avoid the stress from griefers, or any other problems that usually occur in public areas. In order to have access to the Sim and interact with other students you have to apply for entry. Yes, Just like RL college there are forms you have to fill out. KSU Application Form for students. After you have completed your application and sent it to the administrators at KSU, you will receive a group invite to join the access list. There is a tuition fee of 200l in order to become a member of this group. I only wish RL college was that cheap I have no student loans. :) BTW there is a faculty application as well if you would like to be a professor or any other staff member.

Bells Dorm Room, Yes I like Davis Beckham :)

I even rented a dorm, so I could live on campus and avoid having to commute. The rooms are very small, but that's what college life is all about. The rent is 125l a week and you are allowed 50 prims. There are rules that one SHOULD follow, like no smoking, male visitors after hours and drinking. All I know is I didn't follow those rules when I was in college, In fact I stole the "No smoking in bed", sign that hung in my dorm room just for fun. (oh yeah i am bad to the bone, LOL)

Your always by my side :)

oh Frankie, I really am happy were going away to college together. MUHA!

I'll think about the times
She kissed me after class and
She put up with my friends

I acted like an ass, I
Ditched my lecture

To watch the girls play soccer

Is my picture
Still hanging in her locker?
-Blink 182

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