Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clothes We Wear

Update on Bells Boutique:
Well the girl in me came out last night. I changed my store back to pink. (LOL) I don't know if I will ever be satisfied with its design, but for the moment I am very happy. I have released 4 new items to the store since the last blog on Bells Boutique. Victoria, Isabella, Canary and a new paw tattoo are all available at the store.

I have added these items to SL Exchange. My friend Ginthian Source, has been telling me for months that I needed to use that site for gifts, and to help increase traffic. What can I say G, I am lazy. :) If your not a member of my group Bells Belles you might want to join it. It's handy for new releases, and freebies.

Victoria has been inspired after the lovely Mrs. Beckham. It includes:White button down shirt with prim sleeves and collar. The pink leather skirt comes with a pair of glitch pants so you will never get caught showing your knickers :) The brown belt is also included. The outfit is 50l

Isabella is classy and graceful. The Black top has a gold fishnet panel, and gold buttons along the back(not shown) and prim sleeves. It includes a black skirt with gold trim and optional Flexi fishnet bottom. As an extra bonus I have added black pants for an additional look. Isabella is 75l

Warning: This outfit will get you noticed. Canary is fun, cheerful and just a tad sexy. Its my take on the kimono. Canary includes two tops. One without an undershirt for when your feeling a little adventurous, and one with a white undershirt for a bit of modesty (not shown). Prim sleeves are also included. Do I see a new trend? (lol) I have tried something different for the skirt. Its actually made from a pair of pants and then prims have been added to give the skirt feel. So don't worry ladies, you can feel free to show off those fabulous legs. Canary is 50l Tweet, Tweet!!

Last is my paws tattoo. I have been wanting to experiment with making tattoos for a little while now and this is my first attempt. I made paw prints similar to the ones that a certain female rapper wears. :D One of my biggest pet peeves is trying to choose between wearing either a tattoo or lingerie. I like to wear both and often lingerie is only available in the undershirt/underpants feature and for some odd reason tattoos are the same way. My tattoos will be released in all clothing options possible. Paws comes with an undershirt, shirt, and jacket. Everyone in the Bells Belles group received it for free. I am starting to charge 1l for new "freebies" just to help pay for new texture uploads. :)

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy- MUHA!!!! Love Bells

If we were nude
Would we have freedom
Would it be so rude
Or is there a reason

And if we all stripped
Wouldn't it be revealing
Wouldn't have to be hip
And you could see what I'm feeling

Do you prefer tapered jeans or bellbottoms
Tiny shirts and ladies' skirts
Backwards caps and baggy slacks
White sneakers and ties with vests

It's not fair
I can't grow that bushy hair
Last year you were the hip-hop queen
And now you're on the rock and roll team

The truth is I don't understand
Just wanna show you who I really am
Under the clothes we wear
Under the clothes we wear
I'll meet you there

If I could talk
To you in the shower
Would you have style
And would you still have your power

And if I wore preppy shirts and cargo pants
White makeup and safety pins
Skater shorts and football pads
Just like Abercrombie ads

What can I do
I can't afford to impress you
Last week you were the dancing queen
Now you're all about the indie queen

Why is everything so fake
Are we really in the groups we make
Under the clothes we wear
Under the clothes we wear
I'll meet you there

My aunt Frieda
She dresses exactly like her friends
I suspect it never ends
If we could shed this phony skin
Then maybe you would see me

Under the clothes we wear
I'll meet you there
Under the clothes we wear
Under the clothes we wear
I'll meet you there
Under the clothes we wear
Under the clothes we wear
I'll meet you there
Under the clothes we wear

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