Wednesday, April 4, 2007

CandyMan...Sweet, Sugar Candyman

I have fallen in love once again with a new song. The song of the moment is Candyman by Christina Aguilera. I know its covered in a nice bubblegum flavor, but i just cant help it :P. As I was watching I realized I owned several outfits that look quite similar to the video. All were from my favorite store Artilleri.Artilleri Dressed to Kill...

I own so many items from this store, I don't think a a day goes by where I am not wearing something from Artilleri. So whats soo special about this store, well the style of clothing is retro, pinup, 1950 style. I totally love this era. Her store is very unique, it has a 1950 diner theme and makes you feel like you stepped back in time. Clothing is not the only thing to see at this store. There is a Gas Station, and Beach both are extra touches that make this place worth visiting. Here are my three outfits that pay tribute to the Candyman video.

Waiting for my Candyman :P

I met him out for diner on a Friday Night

He Really got me working up an appetite
He had Tattoos up and down his arm
There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm
He's a one stop shop Makes my panties drop
He's a sweet talkin' Sugar coated candy man
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man
Christina Aguilera

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bells,

I'm enjoying your blog, thanks for the effort. Also, keep those bargain tips coming, even a poor girl like me needs to shop! ;)

Sasara Klaar