Sunday, April 8, 2007

Yummy!!!! 'm Felling Yummy Head to toe...

Happy Easter!! I hope you all had a great Easter. After spending time with my family I went to the lovely Gin Rummy and danced the night away. :) You should come out there one night and say hello ;)
Looking Cute In My bunny Ears!

The Bunny Hop, Shaking my tail. hehe

In honor of spring I have decided to clean out my store and bring in some new inventory. So you know what that means time of a SALE!!! This sale will last until Saturday 4/14/07. I will have a sale at Bells Boutique. Almost everything is on Clearance, and at 50% things are going fast. Flexi Skirts that are normally 75l are now 37l, non-flexi skirts normally 50l are now 25l. So sad to see my first designs leave the store, but i have a whole bunch i am bring in.:) Here is a little sneak peak at what i have been working on. These outfits and many more should be available on Sunday 4/15/2007.

If you didn't know this about me I am trying to learn a new language, Arabic. I have taken classes in Real Life, but since I am on a vacation from school I have not had any practice or have i heard any Arabic spoken in a while. Fearing that I would loose all that I have learned I did a search in SL. I was very shocked and laughed a little when I found out that there is a class that teaches Arabic. I arrived in the class with pen in hand ready to take notes. (really i just copied the chat logs hehe) The class is taught everyday at 1:00 SL time by Spider Mycron, he is very friendly and answers every ones questions. I recommend you stop in for a lesson if you have any interest in Arabic, you just might learn a thing or two, plus its educational for both your Real Life and your Second Life.

Feeling Yummy From Head to Toe ;P

oh yes...the hair, its new! Picked it up at the hair fair 2007. If you haven't stopped by.What are you waiting for?! Its only here in SL for a limited amount of time and it is supporting a great cause Love for Locks. This hair makes me feel Yummy!

'm feeling Yummy head to toe (you see me)
Ain't got no patience so let's go (you see me)

Look, I'm diet drama Wanna spend the night? Don't bring pajamas
Man there's so much heat beneath these clothes (you see me)
-Gwen Stefani

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