Friday, March 23, 2007

I Wanna Be Bad ;)

I did get to take a class today at NCI (woot)! Today's class was on Consumer Skills, basically it covers some scams in second life, what permissions are and how they work, and how to rifle through the junk SL has. I found this to be a very informative class and would recommend anyone to take it. Carl Metropolitan (teacher of this class) gives detailed information on each subject, he is very helpful.

Well tonight was my night off of work, but somehow I managed to stumble back into The Gin Rummy again ( I really do love that club). Here I am in my school girl outfit, all pink and girly. Normally a good girl, but tonight the rules were broken and I ended up in detention. :(

Now I am a reformed bad girl. I have learned my lesson, no more spanking other students!
I did win tonight's contest for Naughtiest Girl :P. Thank you friends who voted for me.

now i will go back home sit out on my balcony and watch the Stars and dream of tomorrow, Oh what wonders does Friday have in store for me?

I wanna be bad
you make bad look so good
i got thing on my mind
i never thought i would
-Willa Ford

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