Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Sweet Escape :)

Notice the Disapproving look i give this Hippo as he puffs his Cigarette.. Naughty Naughty

I started they day out wanting to take a new class at NCI (new citizens inc.), but due to SL lag I got booted several times and had to call it quits. Instead i decided to explore a new area and found an info hub in Warmouth. I had never really been to an info hub before, so this was something new for me to explore. An info hub is a gathering place in SL where you can enjoy a little quite time. This info hub has wonderful benches to sit in, a maze to get lost in and one of Second Life's mascot Hippos. I was immediately drawn to this Hippo and took several pictures next to him. I was unaware of the Hippos status in SL, until i found a note card on Hippos.

"This hippo was the winning competition entry from Aliasi Stonebender, entitled "SLider Jerusalem, Hard-hitting Hippo Journalist of the Future", after Spider Jerusalem, a fictional character and the protagonist of the comic book Transmetropolitan.

"Oh the great Hippo! Stomper of gnomes! Savior of all Second Life! How we worship thee! "

Apparently when ever SL has a bug the grid is shutdown and our savior Hippos are released unto the world to stomp out all the evil and return our world to its peaceful state. I have been in SL for over four months and was a shocked that I never heard this tale before. Perhaps we should reinstate this tale into second life. I have spent hours cursing the Lindens for closing the grid, but if i only knew the hippos were at work I would have shown much more sympathy.

SL National Hippo Day on February 15Th!

If I could escape 
And re-create a place as my own world
And I could be your favorite girl
Forever, perfectly together
Tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

If I could be sweet
I know I've been a real bad girl
I didn't mean for you to get hurt
Forever, we can make it better
Tell me boy, Now wouldn't that be sweet?
Sweet escape
_Gwen Stefani


Anonymous said...

Hail to our masters the Lindens!





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