Sunday, January 10, 2016


"When she goes to work.....You can hear the strings.....Grace finds beauty....In everything." Grace-U2

I've taken a little blogger hiatus over the last couple of month. Things sometimes become a bit too much for me and I have difficult focusing; however, I'm back at it. Blogging in SL has and will always be something I love and no matter how long I might stay away I always find myself being pulled back into it.

The main reason why I'm getting back into blogging is because of the ROMP winter fair. I've been enjoying exploring the naughty side of SL again and I'm going to be snapping a few photos to showcase the goodies I have picked up from ROMP's fair.

Today I'm highlighting Salt and Pepper's Harness, Grace. Grace is totally sheer, flirty and will get hearts racing. This harness isn't a typical BDSM outfit, but rather is soft, light and demure. Some of the best features of this harness are tied into the HUD design which allows you to have some flexibility in the color dept. Salt and Pepper's Hud has several different options that you can customize: Leather, Lace the Rings and even Chains can all be changed. Grace is available in several different sizes and will fit the Maitreya, slink and hourglass body. As a special promotion Salt and Pepper has reduced the price of Grace to 20% so now is a good time to head over to ROMP and pick up this lingerie set.

I'm also showcasing another lovely item from ROMP, the, "goodnight bed" from Hive has become my new favorite place to lounge in my home. Truth be told I kinda have a princess and the pea syndrome and it does transition into SL as well. I have pretty high standards for my bedding in RL and SL. I absolutely adore the intricate design of the headboard the bed has different options available for singles and couples. Hive has given the Goodnight bed the ability to be customized so it can match almost any decor.

I hope you take the time to visit ROMP and pick up a naughty item or two. Remember the ROMP fair is only here for a limited time so it's best to TP in and get your naughty fix before time runs out. The ROMP fair is available from January 8th- January 22nd

The Look- Grace
Skin-Glam Affair- Luna Skin - Jamaica 06
*Lingerie-Salt and Pepper- Harness Grace
*Bed-HIVE-Goodnight Bed
*Links to ROMP fair
Musical Inspiration: U2: Grace

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