Monday, September 7, 2015

Ride of the Valkyries

Much of my knowledge of Valkyries comes from a bugs bunny cartoon. I know, totally lame but it's true. I really had no knowledge of the folklore of Valkyries; however, after some handy wiki searching. (which I know is such a reliable source of information.) I was able to discover that Valkyries played an important role on the combat field. According to folklore they choose half of the men who died in battle to be carried away to Valhalla. While the other half we sent to the goddess Freyja. I imagine, that there was some type of qualifying system to choose these men. What would would make man worthy of entering Valhalla? Well that's a question that is beyond me and must be answered by Valkyries only.

Today, I am portraying the role of Valkyrie and it's all thanks to Glam Affair who pulled out all the stops in designing their new head dress for We Love Role play. I absolutely adore this headpiece. The details alone are pretty remarkable. The wings are beautifully sculpted and while it is ornate in it's design there is still a simplicity which beautiful.

I'm also showcasing a semi new skin. Now, it's taken me a little bit of time to post this new skin because I wanted to make sure I properly took the time to examine the details. As I mentioned in my previous post Uber is showcasing some sports themed goodies and Glam Affair's Ballerina Skin by far the most gorgeous I have worn. It is available in 6 different makeup options all which help prep you for any look which you might want to dazzle in for the night; from a Glam evening look, to a Club scene Queen or even a Natural Beauty. Ballerina is perfect for highlighting any mood which you might encounter.

The Look- Valkyries
Hair-[RA]-Silva Hair -Browns
Skin-Glam Affair - Katra Ballerina - Jamaica
Head Dress-Glam Affair - Valkyria Apricot
Dress-Tee*fy Aphrodite Dress M Pink

Musical Inspiration: Ride of the Valkyries,  (I actually was humming the tune while working on this post, I know total nerd.)

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