Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sexy and I know it.....

Uber, is currently showcasing some Sports themed goodies and it is perfect for anyone who has a love of sports. I personally, am horrible at sports. How bad? Well, let me tell you about a time I was recruited to join a company volley ball team. I resisted at first knowing my shortcomings, but my co-workers were persistent and eventually I relented my stance and allowed myself to get wrangled on the team. (You can probably guilt me into doing anything.) I joined the team and after the first practice they discovered I couldn't actually serve the ball in a strait line. So, I was assigned the role of Cheerleader. Truth be told, I was a little relieved because every time I tried to serve the ball it somehow ended up behind me into the bushes. I'm really uncoordinated and clumsy in case you haven't noticed. 

Rather than use a candid sports theme photo. I decided to create a video to showcase the items from Uber. Since the goodies I picked up from Uber are a little sexy in nature I decided to use the song, "Sexy and I know it" from LFMAO in the video. I know totally silly, but after all that is what SL is for. I hope you enjoy the video. everything i wore and used the video is listed in the credits below.  Special thank you to Patisserie De Bauchery for allowing me to use their buns and thighs gym.

The Look- Sexy and I know it
Hair-Doe: Spirit- Browns
Skin-Glam Affair - Katra Ballerina - Jamaica - 04
Top-erratic / tia - crop top / flora
Pants-erratic / daria - pants / pink
Shoes-[The Forge] Strider Plus (White)
Workout Bag-Bueno- Workout Bag
Location- Patisserie De Bauchery

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