Monday, May 4, 2015



They call me....Semyorka, Bells Semyorka and I like my drinks shaken not stirred. Ok, ok I'm totally kidding, but today's look is totally inspired by a spy type movie. More specifically, True Lies and Jamie Lee's character, Helen Tasker. You know she had that sultry sleek look after her transformation into a spy.

I recently took a trip to Uber and picked up this sleek black dress from Ryvolter, Elen Plunge. What I really like about this dress it the low cut front and back. I feel it captures the perfect look of a femme fatale. The Elen Plunge dress is available in several different colors to align with Uber's theme this month is Miami. The entire collection of designers, and creations is great and it shouldn't be missed.

Musical Inspiration: La Roux, Bulletproof

The Look-BulletProof
Hair-Tableau Vivant~ My love hair - Basics
Skin--Glam Affair - Katra skin-Party
Dress- Ryvolter, Elen Plunge- Black
Shoes-Dunc- Dita in Black for Maitreya Lara

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