Tuesday, February 26, 2013



Recently, in my blog posts I've been showcasing PXL creations' 7 sin skin line. This set of skins is available in a Gacha form a 99L a play. Wrath (shown above) is one of my favorites out of this skin line. While I was trying to pull together a look I decided to use Wrath to revamp my profile photo. There are so many thing I love about Wrath; however, if I had to give my favorite feature I would have to say the rich deep glossy lip color is a major win. It was the feature that won me over completely. If you have never had the opportunity to wear a PXL skin I would highly advise you to stop into the shop and play the Gacha machine. Currently PXL creations has three female Gacha skin lines available for play and one male skin line. The skin line variety in style from fantasy, futuristic, beauty.

There is one final new item that I'd like to draw your attention to, BOOM has recently released the Precious Bow Choker. This choker is ideal for hiding mesh head seems. The Precious Choker is available in both a regular and scripted collar version. There are so many color options available (33 in total) that finding your perfect choker is as simple as pointing and clicking.

The Look- Wrath 
Hair- Chemistry Hair- Vines- Browns- Coffee
Skin- PXL Creations, Kate- 7 sins- Wrath
Bow-BOOM-Precious Bow Choker- Burgundy

More information on where to find Boom: Marketplace, Flickr, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk

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