Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lady Patina- 52 Weeks Part 2 Week #5

52 Weeks #5

We've only just begun Luna's 52 Week of Color Challenge Part 2 and I'm already behind. Time to pull double blogging duty and work work work.

Week's 5 color Challenge is Patina. I had to fire up wiki search to find out more about Patina because this is a color I have never heard of before. (I've never seen in in my crayola color box, but perhaps I never looked that closely either.) Patina is the color of the greenish tarnish that appears on metals particularly bronze. (The Statue of Liberty's beautiful hue is this color) Once I found out exactly what Patina was I became giddy because it's a color that has always interested me due to it's association with old antique objects. Hidden treasures tucked safely in an antique shop or attic waiting to be discovered, enamored and appericiated. I really am starting to enjoy this color challenge more than I did on the previous one. The next color challenge posts is Alice Blue..and I already have my outfit ready for this challenge. oh yea, I'm ready.
The Look- Lady Liberty Patina

Hair-Elikatira- Me- Brown
Skin-The Body Co.- Sage
Eyes- Exodi- Reflective Eyes - Electro Mint
Swimsuit-Maitreya Bodysuit de la Ruche - Sea Green
Leggings-MOMO- Net leggings- Sea 1
Jewellery Set- Eclectica- Clusters Jewellery Set-Daytime Glow

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