Monday, February 27, 2012

Bells Boutique- Honey Bee Sweater Dress

Honey Bee Sweater Dress- All Colors

I have finally made something New for Bells Boutique it's the Honey Bee Sweater Dress. This dress is designed for the in-between weeks. Not quite Winter, not quite Spring. These Sweater dresses are perfect for embellishing leggings, undershirts, socks, boots and scarfs.

The Honey Bee Sweater Dress is made with geometric striping along its sides to give it a bee like shape. Its flexible! The knit fabric is adaptive in its shape fitting your body and creating a smooth look.

They are available in six different colors. Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Brown, Yellow Each Sweater dress comes complete with an undershirt in black.

Honey Bee Sweater Dress- Pink
Getting ready for spring time; here comes the Honey Bee!

Please Excuse.....

Please Excuse our Sprinkles, we're currently remodeling our store. Things are a bit messy at the moment, but don't worry we will fix it soon. Be on the lookout for more new items coming soon. 

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