Friday, January 6, 2012

Peer Presure

Peer Pressure
"Hermits Have No Peer Pressure"-Steven Wright

It's not often that I take the time to write about Men's clothing,but when Phinneas Vella, owner of PEER; dropped off a blogger package to me I was intrigued and had to give a peek at what was inside. What I found was quite surprising created and designed for men, but working quite well with only minor changes for women PEER clothing is suburb and fashion ready.

I know how hard it is to find quality men's clothing in SL, it's a challenge to say the least. In the past some of my male friends have asked where to pick up clothing for men. They want something casual, masculine and true to their style in RL. I am happy to say that now I can suggest PEER to them. I think these styles would look fantastic on men who are looking for a way to compliment their female style partners. In fact I'm actually going to send Frankie to pick up a few tees from PEER. (Frankie has a casual style and is prone to wearing only tees and jeans for his everyday style.) PEER has a large collection of fashion tees which I hope will make a wonderful addition to his inventory.

Today I am waring the button up koi shirt in white and the my turn cogs leather pants in black. The shirt has buttons across the front as well as a collar and cuffs prims. Each attachment is modified by a resizer script so you are ensured to get precision accuracy in finding your perfect size. The decorative Koi on the front is a soft blue color and would work with not only jeans, but with more structured fancy pants such as a khaki. Making this shirt wonderful to dress up and to dress down. The cogs leather pants in black are accented by the blue gears along the right side of the legs. It includes sculpted bottoms and a decorative patch across the rear for PEER clothing label. These pants are edgy, tight and help create a street worthy style for any man or woman.

I hope that you take the time and visit PEER. Its a hidden gem and would make a wonderful addition into any guys inventory.

The Look- PEER Pressure
Hair- Le Lutka- Pomoai hair- Iron Hot Cake
Skin-Le Lutka- Sun kissed- Friday skin Pack
Tattoo- Cheap Makeup- Bright Lights
Shirt-PEER-Button Up- Koi
Pants-PEER- Turn My Cogs- Black Leather
Shoes- Style- Couture Ankle Boot- Black

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