Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Change in Direction

A Change in Direction

  Every now and then we find ourselves needing a little break from the hustle we create for ourselves. We want something different something a bit out of our ordinary every day pattern. Sometimes we can fill this void by visiting a new location, making new friends, re-connecting with old ones or perhaps falling back on something we once loved and enjoyed.

  It's this self therapy that I find most soothing and necessary when life gets crazy and overwhelming. For me I fall back on older habits to recharge my batteries: blogging and creating. I leave behind social pressures and retreat back into my hermit like status. The solitude is not something I feel is a sentence; but rather is something I find comforting peaceful and relaxing.

The Look- A Change in Direction
Hair-Armidi Hair- Symphony Twist- Brunette Collection
Skin-PXL- Gaia Natural Nude Eyes C2 Freckles
Hat- Ce Cubic effect- Natural Eight- B
Dress-MichaMi- Vee In Black-The Dressing Room
Purse- Teefy- Full Leather Holdall Bag Unisex Hand
Sunglasses- Nylon Outfitters- Supa Dupa Frames- Black

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