Sunday, October 3, 2010

A bit of Fabulous in "Fab Pony".


I recently discovered a new store, Fab. Pony! Now Fab.Pony is not a new store, but it's new to me. The great design team of this quaint boutique dropped off a couple of items on me and so far I have been really enjoying wearing these garments. First off lets discuss what type of clothing Fab.Pony creates: the style is chic club wear with uber cute dresses, accessories, separates, hair and poses. It's absolutely a store that you must visit because with such an eclectic twist you are almost guarnteed to find something that's great for your style.

Now, as great as Fab Pony's designs are, truth be told I did have a slight problem when putting together my last look (Seen Above). The scarf around Diplo dress is no modify, no copy which made it impossible to reshape the scarf. What you can't see is the scarf cutting through the middle of my neck. I did attempt to cover this problem area by using longer fuller hair and I did photo-shop slightly. I did contact Tatianna Faulkes and asked for a modify copy of this prim. I was given a copy with mod right enabled, but when I attempted to fix the scarf it was a total fail. The edit boxes never rezzed. I'm not completely sure if this was an SL glitch or operator error or if perhaps it's impossible to edit these prims. I just want to inform those that read this blog that I did have a problem and perhaps you might experience the same issue.

I do want to also note that Fab Pony is currently running a contest in conjunction with ALEIDA: these two stores share a sim and are choosing two winners to become the face of their brand. Great Prizes are available and the deadline for the contest is October 15 so there is still plenty of time to get your entry in. For complete details please visit Fab Pony store and pick up your very own Note Card.

Photo Credits:

Photo One-The Look- Music is the Victim
Hair-69,Kumii Yoshikawa-HIRIS 04 knit scarf-Dark Chesnut
*Skin -Tuli, Tuli Asturias-Jade- ICON gift
Jacket-Indyra, Indyra Seigo, Republica fur jacket-White/black
*Top-Fab.Pony,Yvonne Thor, "Why don't you Love Me" Cirtus
Undershirt-Exodi, Ryker Beck-Sleepover Undies- Cami Black
*Pants-Fab Pony, Yvonne Thor, "Mezzy" pants- Charcoal
Shoes-BAX boots, Bax Coen, Black Leather boots
Necklace- Deco, Orchid Zenivka, Black Pearl Double Strand Necklace

Photo Two- Fall Snuggle
Hair-Lamb, Lamb Bellic- I'm a realist- Snickers
*Skin-Tuli, Tuli Asturias- Jade- Icon Gift
*Dress-Fab Pony, Tatianna Faulkes- Diplo Dress- Charcoal/ Berries
*Undershirt- Sn@tch, Ivey Deschanel- Precious Cargo Sweater- Eggplant
Pants-LeLutka- Nora Jeans
Shoes-BAX boots, Bax Coen, Black Leather boots
Hat-Epoque- Baggy Knit Hat

*Blogger Gift or freebie Item

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