Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Intentions..BBBC day Two

Day Two- Three positive things in your SL.

1. Connecting with people from different aspects of life, in various cultures and social economical statuses. I love that SL is a platform that brings together from all over the world. Some of the greatest people I have had the pleasure of meeting would not have been possible without this virtual world. I've made some real friends through this space and am thankful that SL has been able to create these connections.

2. Charitable donations given by our great community, always bring out the warm fuzzies in me. I love that our community is able to pull together in times of need and share what resources we have with others. Knowing that we are making a difference in someone's life, helping to cause change, to bring awareness is amazing.

3. Creating in Second Life. I've recently started making machinima videos using SL, it's been a fun change from blogging and is something I want to expand upon. I consider this to be a positive aspect of my SL, because it's pushing me to learn new things. To break out from my comfort zone and actually explore SL. I'm not sure where this machinima aspect will take me or how it will enrich my SL, but for now I'm really enjoying the aspect of creating.

It took me a little while to actually come up with this post, not because I don't know how to be a positive person, but because SL is place that is a relaxing environment for me. I don't often think of any bad or good in this world, but rather take it as it comes. There will always be good days, and bad days. People you run into that cause hurt, joy, inspire and to admire. It's just important to remember to keep your head up and focus on the good.

The Look- In your backyard
Hair- 69- ME
Skin- Exodi- Lily-Orchid
Top- W&B-Frilly Little Knickers-Floral
Shorts- Surf Co- Cafe Shorts-Khaki
Necklace-W&B- pretty lady skull necklace
Ring- Zaara-Kashiti bobble ring-Pearl

there's little relief
give us reprieve
for all the things i've left behind
i'm positive that i'm not blind

i'm not afraid things won't get better
but it feels like this has gone on forever
you have to cry with your own blue tears
have to laugh with your own good cheer

it's hard to rely on my good intentions
when my head's full of things that i can't mention
seems i usually get things right
but i can't understand what i did last night- Good intentions-Toad the wet sprocket

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