Friday, May 7, 2010

Wind It Up!

Today's color is all about Gold. Shiny and a coveted piece of metal, this hue is one that will not only get you noticed but suggest grandeur, almost like, "Hey look at me I'm fancy". When I first tried on this gold number my mind went strait to Una Muñeca. (or doll for those that do not speak Spanish)
 SySy's Lana in Gold, is only available as a SLDD exclusive and is available for the entire month of May. To make my Muñeca look I choose Dutch Touch's skin, MaAn, which I think brings a doll like touch when pairing with the feather eyelashes. Finally is the Wind-up key, I've always been a big fan of the toys that you wind up to create action. Something about the mechanical turning and watching the toy dance, flip or walk brings a big smile to my face. Now for the look......

The Look-Una Muñeca
*Hair-Tiny Bird-Magic Trick-(Survey Gift, not released yet)
Skin and Lashes-Dutch Touch-MaAn-Cocoa, Feather Eyelashes-(ValentineGift)
*Dress-SYSY's Lana Dress-SLDD exclusive
Shoes-Kookie-Chic Heels-Ink
Key-LuNi Designs-Captive Heart Key

*SLDD designer

This is the key that makes us wind up
When the beat comes on, the girls all line up
And the boys all look, but no, they can't touch
But the girls want to know why the boys like us so much-Gwen Stefani

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