Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Accidentally in Love with L.Jubilee

 So with spring in full bloom and Easter quickly approaching you might be wondering what to get that special bunny lover in your life. Well fear not! L.Jubilee designs by Luna Jubilee has some wonderful bunnie treats just for you. Selling both Live and Nests L.Jubilee's bunnies are raised with care and exhibit quality traits. Sparkling eyes, glowing skin, and an uber cutness factor that you might fall accidentally in love with. ;) L.Jubilee has more to offer than just bunnies. For your spoiled little bundles of fur, there are two hutches which make great homes; "The Bunny Hutch" and "Circle Hutch Silo".

"The Bunny Hutch" is beautifully crafted and IMHO, resembles a Hampton style beach home. The white exterior and fenced cage siding are accented by the gray/blue tile roof. The ramp makes this hutch easily accessible to your bunnies; just rez and watch them hop in. The side panels have a unique feature I have yet to see in bunny hutches; One way prims. The outside cage wiring allows you to look in and view the bunnies resting in the hutch; while inside the walls change and the white siding shown. Your bunnies can rest peacefully night or day in the hutch with no interruptions. Finally the raised posts that the hutch rest upon, which remind me of seaside stilts that give a Hampton-esque  feel saying this hutch is for spoiled, loved pampered bunnies. "The Bunny Hutch" is 8 prims. Available both at L.Jubilee main store and xstreet.
Last but certainly not least is the "Circle Hutch Silo" available with and without a lid. What's so genius about the "Circle Hutch Silo", the ability to stack these hutches. Like mini bunk beds for your bunny, L.Jubilee's allows you to sort and manage your beloved bunnies. The "Circle Hutch Silo" comes in several pastel spring colors, blue, golden, green pink and purple. Another great feature is the wire cage aspect. The cage can be opened and closed for easy bunny access, in addition there is also a label feature which will allow you to choose different phrases for the cage; such as, "boys', "girls", "pairs" "babies","for sale"and "blank" for no text. "The Circle Hutch Silo" is available at the main store L.Jubilee The Bunny Store and is 2-3 prims. Ingenious design INHO.

Come on, come on
Turn a little faster
Come on, come on
The world will follow after
Come on, come on
Because everybody's after love

So I said, "I'm a snowball running"
Running down into the spring
That's coming all this love melting under
Blue skies belting out sunlight, shimmering love-accidentally in love-counting in Crows

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Luna Jubilee said...

*falls over*

This is such a cute post. It really made my day!! Thank you <3