Saturday, January 2, 2010

Next Best Thing

Since the holidays started there has been so many new releases, holiday gifties, and sale items....How is a girl supposed to choose what to blog on. Darn my indecisive nature!! while I decide on what to blog on for tomorrow here is the Blogger's challenge I saw earlier last week."My Three things in SL I can't live without". It wasn't hard to pick them.

1) My Shape and Star Tattoos; Yes this counts as one on the list. 
I created my shape back in 2006 when I joined SL. It's roughly been the same, aside from some minor tweaking. My shape has grown to be a bit wider since my Noob days. I suffered from the too skinny syndrome at one point in time. I may not look exactly like Bells in RL, but some would say it's pretty close. After all, Bells works out way more than I do, and doesn't have any need for food.

My star tattoo is one that I picked up along my Noob travels. It also inspired the design for my RL tattoo. I feel that no matter what skin, outfit or look I'm trying to pull off these star tattoos can really help set me apart from others. I rarely wear gloves because of this; although I can be persuaded to from time to time. I also tend to get really annoyed with designers who make "glove" layers necessary for tops.

2) Diamond Bee Necklace from PC
 I have a huge LOVE for PC and the one thing I wear almost daily is this Bee necklace. It sparkles, is gold and I love that it's not on the traditional necklace attachment spot but rather located on the spine. I usually can wear this necklace with any SL look and it works, or at least I tell myself it does.  I would really be sad if one day this necklace was no longer in my inventory. 

3) My Partner in Crime- Frankie Palliard
I've tried to live my SL without him, but in the end it's really not all that fun. This January will be our Three year Friend/anniversary, or friend-a-vesary.  He has stuck by my side during all aspect of my SL life and has been there for me during RL challenges. We just celebrated our first RL holidays as a couple and it was the best Christmas/New Year I had in a long time. Frankie always encourages and provides love and support in everything I attempt. I wouldn't have stuck around in SL for as long as I have if it were not for him. I love him more than anything in my SL Life and he is the most irreplaceable aspect of SL to me.

The Look- 2010
Hair- LAMB- Baby's on Fire
Skin- L. Fauna- Berry
Dress- PC-Tulle Wrapped Winter Gown


Luna Jubilee said...

Bells I'm so happy to see you back to blogging!! I'm even more happy to see you and Frankie celebrating holidays in RL. I wish you all the best in the new year <3

FrankiePalliard said...

Awww Sweetie,thanks :-))
I did enjoy our time really was awful to leave :-(
I love you with all my heart,and cant wait to see you again <3