Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rebel Code

The Look: Rebel Rebel
Hair: Truth-Laura
Skin: L.Fauna-Berry
Jacket: CE-Short Leather Jacket
Halter: 5th & Oxford- Rebel Halter
Skirt: 5th &Oxford- Rebel Denim mini
Boots: Casa Del Shai-Lizard Boots- Red

5th and Oxford has released two tees (Punk Princess and Rock Royalty), one halter (Rebel halter) and a very cute skirt (Denim Mini). Each top is released in five colors, Pink, Teal, Grey, purple, and White (tees) Black(Halter). The Denim Skirt has a total of four colors: Asphalt, Dirty, Faded and Inky. The Denim skirt has three different options for accessorizing as a Belt, Belt With Skirt Prim, or skirt prim (shown above).  I love that 5th and Oxford has released these outfits with variety in mind. Multiple prim options, the ability to change between layers; means these items are great if you like to mix n match for a unique look.  My personal Favorite out of the set is the Rebel Halter.

We simplify, we complicate
The urge to break, the need to recreate
Rebel code, rebel code
Changing everything that they were taught

Rebel Code- Chumbawamba

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