Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stars Fell on Alabamba

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mira Questi. This German native is the full package deal beautiful and proficient in several languages and a functioning contributing member of SL. Mira is a new builder and has recently begun selling her items on Xstreet. During my time with Mira we talked about SL Love, Pets and interesting places to visit. She also gave me a tour of her home which ended at her wonderful sky box "Stars". I was immediately impressed with her sky box for two reasons, one it was only three prims (she is an efficient builder) and two the particles, (I do like things that have a little sparkle to them). I asked Mira what her inspiration was behind creating her skybox. her response "when I build I don't have a plan.. I start and I'm always surprised by myself, what at the end I did." I think it's quite wonderful that she has a stream of consciousness approach to her building and it works in her design.

I will warn you there is no door on the skybox so it might be advisable to invest in a teleporter. Mira provides wonderful customer service so if you need any assistance with setting up a teleporter or have any questions about her creations she is more than happy to help by going above and beyond to make her customers happy.

"Stars" skybox contains three backgrounds of skies, a dark blue evening sky with a full moon that looks beautiful against the particles. (shown in the picture above and my personal favorite out of the three) A deep orange background with hints of crimson showcasing a crescent moon that shines above and finally a lighter orange sunset that is reminiscent of a tropical dream. "Stars" has all the ambiance you need for a romantic evening with your sweetie. it's a perfect way to escape the busy jazz clubs and squeeze in that"quality" time that can be so rare to capture. Mira's "Stars" skybox is available on Xstreet and is only 100l it's transferable as well, so it can be purchased as a gift. Perfect for the holiday season that is quickly approaching.

We lived our little drama
We kissed in a field of white
And stars fell on Alabama
Last night

I can't forget the glamor
Your eyes held a tender light
While (And) stars fell on Alabama (fractured 'Bama)
Last night

I never planned in my imagination
A situation - so heavenly
A fairy land where no one else could enter
And in the center - just you and me

My heart beat (just) like a hammer
(My) Arms wound around you tight
And (While) stars fell on Alabama
Last night
- Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong


Luna Jubilee said...

ooooh!! I must get this ...

Ok purchased! :) Thank you for blogging - can't wait to use!

Bells Semyorka said...

:) thanks Luna, I'm sure Mira is pleased. hope you enjoy your new skybox huggs.