Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Keeps Getting Better

So Today is my SL Birthday or Rez day as we call in in world. Yes Folks, I have been in this Virtual World for two years now and I still love it! (Insert rainbows and kittens :P)

I decided to show some pictures from my very early days in SL. These photos have been sitting in my inventory as snapshots, I didn't know photos could be saved to a hard drive until I was about 4 months into SL. (I know, soo sad right.) So here is Bells first 3 months... go ahead and laugh. you know you want to...
My first "real" purchases were ND hair. I used to think that as long as I was wearing "good" hair no one would notice the freebie hooker shoes on my feet. My eyes used to switch between Grey/brown and I had Pink /Blonde/Brunette hair, depending on my mood. (that phone booth photo was my first profile picture and I didn't change it until about 6 months ago.) so while there has been some changes to Bells some things have remained the same..there is still a love for glasses, Artilleri, and those "noob" star tattoos on my hands ;) so I guess there is still a bit of noob left in me.

A quick Thank you to the friends that have stuck around for the last two years. Hugs and Kisses for putting up with my moods ;)

Some days I'm a super bitch
Up to my old tricks
But it won't last forever
Next day I'm your super girl
Out to save the world
And it keeps gettin' better-
Keeps Getting Better- Christina Aguilera


Luna Jubilee said...

Happy Rez Day! Love those pics (glad to see I wasn't the only one learning how to save to the harddrive and wearing hooker shoes). Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year <3

Bells Semyorka said...

/me smiles, Thank you for the warm wishes Luna, Huggs.

Anonymous said...

Happy rezday, Bells! We've been privileged to have you around all this time. :-)

Bells Semyorka said...

IDK about that one Erbo,:D I think it's been a privileged to know everyone that worked at the GR/LD. You guys took me in, dusted off the noob and educated me in both SL and RL. I was just lucky enough to stumble across a group of amazing people. Hugs Erbo and Thank you.