Monday, June 2, 2008

I want to Live

I knew Princess had been talking about getting rid of her land and items for about two weeks now, but I didn't think she would actually go ahead with it. I thought perhaps she was speaking like we all do during that SL burnout phase, but no this time she was serious. I asked P why she was doing this, was she leaving SL for good? was she unhappy? Princess smiled and replied that she felt it was time to live in RL and make the move out of SL. She would still be around but would no longer have a home here in SL. Plus it was time to clean all the clutter from her inventory which is over 30k items. I asked how long will her sale would last? her startling response, "weeks, everything must go."

Yard sale in Icewater

Seeing all of her possessions lined out across the sim, I got a little teary eyed. This was her entire Second Life (well at least what was transferable). For as long as I have known Princess she has had this love with creating the perfect home. Her partner MT sums it up by saying,"she just like to rezz". It seemed like Princess always had a new secret cottage, castle, or beach house she was decorating for. Oh and how could I forget they toys she would purchase.

Sex Merry-Go-round, new meaning to the word merry.

Known for her infamous naked dungeon parties, princess has a huge collection of BDSM toys in her inventory a majority of them on sale. The most unusual item was the sex merry go round. (already sold) I imagine it's like having sex on Mr. Hefner's bed but without the girls and at a much higher risk for motion sickness. I lost track of the number of beds and pose balls I passed, 4 was my last count on beds before I saw something shiny and like a raccoon in headlights I lost my train of thought.

My eyes quickly spotted the thing I wanted most from her collection, the sign from our old club LIPS...ohh and this nifty pinball machine. I have been to other yard sales and this one had the largest collection of items I have seen. So if your wanting to try to find a deal take the tp and check out Princess's yard sale.

But I want to live just a little bit more
To shine like an angel, ride like a whore
Well I want to live just a little bit more
- Space hog - I want to Live

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