Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bohemian Like You

Bells Boutique has two new dresses for sale! :) yay! The first dress is called Yasmin, Yasmin is perfect for those spring and summer months approaching real soon. short and sassy you will be noticed in this dress. the teal and gold coloring look great under the night light and let you a sparkle and shine into the hearts of any summer love. The open back will be a certain to have mouths dropping all across the grid. Yasmin is 150l

The second outfit "Lemon Drop" is one of my new favorites. Lemon Drop is fun, unique, and ohhh soooo sexy. Perfect for those relaxing summer days, or nights when your out on the town with your Girl friends having a...LEMON DROP! Lemon Drop's yellow skirt is embroidered with black, Grey and white stitching. Lemon Drop will have heads turning and people wondering where you shop. Lemon Drop is 200l
Both designs are available at all of Bells Boutiques Locations: Hanson, Featherman and the newest store in the Lexxotica sim, as well as onrez and slexchange. Keep your peepers peeled for some new Freebie shirts, and Join our group Bells Belles for updates and freebie items.

Cause I like you,
Yeah I like you,
And I'm feeling so Bohemian like you.- The Dandy Warhols

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