Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hem Of Your Garment

I was shocked to realize that It was already Friday (Sat by the time I finish writing this). Wow... the last couple of weeks have just flown by and are now one giant blur. Well I think its time to tell you what I have been doing. :)

First, the club I am part owner in reopened!! LIPS,was a club we had open a couple of months ago, but due to other demands we had to shut it down :( . After The GR closed, Princess, my best friend, saw that I was a sad and down. She suggested that we re open the club :) It feels good to be back in the club scene. I do need help,(dancers, host,dj ) if anyone wants a job or at least a regular place to hang out and listen to some music and talk IM me for more information. Were not in this for the Money, Fame, or Glory... we just want to have FUN! We try to have events from 12-2slt. I wish I could say this happens every day, but you have to remember that I can be a procrastinator and as Frankie called me this week, lazzy ass! I managed to make two new shirts for the club, Loose Lips Sink Ships in pink and blue, both are free at LIPS club stop by and pick up one.

I also spent a couple of days shut away from the world while I worked on new design for Bells Boutique's Holiday Line. Amber, Sapphire and Ruby are all available at the store until January.
They are only 75l a piece. They Include a first at Bells Boutique Fur Wraps. Don't worry I didn't actually hurt any real animals to make these, they are all faux fur :)

I am intrinsically no good
I have a heart thats made of wood
I am only biding time
Only reciting memorized lines
And I'm not fit to touch
The hem of your garment

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