Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Simpsons

So in honor of the Simpsons Movie Burger King has a great promotion where you can get yourself Simpsonized. Basically it turns your RL photo into a Simpsons character. Now usually I like to stick to SL stuff, but this was way too cool, and I had to share. First here is the link to the site so you can create your own Simpson version of yourself.

To start you would upload a photo of yourself, now I tried to upload a photo of my second life Bells, but for some reason it kept defaulting to my first photo, which was a RL one. If anyone gets a Second Life photo to turn into a Simpsons character please let me know. I would like to see how it looks. :) While uploading your character, you will answer questions about yourself, Sex, age, color of Simpson, style of clothing and hair type. Next Click the big button that says SIMPSONIZE ME!
Bells as a Simpson

I was rather surprised at how accurate my character came out. I was always curious how I would look if I had been turned into a Simpson character. It even was able to capture my RL hair style, and I actually own an outfit that is quite similar. In fact (lol) I'm wearing that right now as I type this, Scary.

Bells and Macho visiting the studios

M&M Bells
I also went to the M&M site and created a candy coated version of myself. I know, not quite as cool as the Simpsons, but still thought I would share. :)

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