Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Know I'm No Good

Drama, Drama, Drama................... That's all I have had this week and it's only Thursday. I always heard about this thing they call drama but, I never knew it would have such a fiery temper and would leave such a sting. While the details of the drama fade away, the pain is still there. Friendly reminder to all: Avatars have a RL person behind them! While we can be almost invincible in physical form on SL, our emotional side can become easily bruised and damaged.
All this Drama is too much, I need a distraction, an escape......I need a good shopping spree!!!


Now I know have said before how much I love the store Artilleri. It really is one of my favorite stores in all of SL, but a new store has caught my eye, that store is Inalde. Ivalde is a clothing store for women that specializes in retro styles from the periods of 1920's-1960's. The prices of the clothing are very affordable. All the items I purchased were under 300l. The quality is great as well. I love the detail that has been added to the items. I think i might eventually end up with the whole store,........... well at least a majority of it (hehe).

I feel like I cheated myself for not finding this store earlier. So many awesome clothes to wear and so little time. :)

Hungry for Soup

Now shopping alone didn't cure the blues of SL drama, for that I needed something very special.

He makes all the drama fade away.

I cheated myself like I knew I would
I told ya I was troubled, you know that I'm no good
-Amy Winehouse

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