Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday Brunch, and wait...there is more.

Sunday Brunch
I'm in a bit of a mood this Sunday, so I decided to whips up all sort of goodies for a sweet treat. so the question is....If I invited you over for Sunday brunch would you come?

Since today turned out to be an adventure filled day in SL I'm going to post a few more photos from my flickr stream. These photos are not edited so sorry for the uber crappy quality, but the fun captured in them is what I want to remember. I originally intend to blog only the photo above about Sunday brunch but my evening turned into so much more when I arrived at the World Water Day, Funk Party.

World Water Day Funk Party-
World Water Day- Funk party

In our society we tend to take something we consider very basic for granted, Clean water. however for many finding clean and safe water is difficult. it impacts their health and quality of life. The water charity helps bring water to people who need it. For every $20 (or L$5,000) that is raised, Charity: Water can give someone access to safe water for years to come. Past contributions have funded over 16,000 projects that impact about 5 million people worldwide.  That's pretty impressive.

now I know there is a lot of buzz right now in SL for RFL, but if you can manage to give just a little to the Charity: Water it will have such a big impact on people's lives. I hope you consider donating via the link below.

oh and one more fun shot from today. 
World Water Day- Funk party

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