Friday, January 18, 2013

El Toro! Ole!

El Toro! Ole!

Yesterday I finally managed to make a trip to collab88 to see this month's goodies. I instantly fell for R2 Fashion's release, Metallic Dress and Knee High Boots.

This outfit reminded me of a militant style ready to command. The buttons down the front all lined up in a row, the sweeping of the skirt and of course, one cannot forget the high white collar. The back of this dress is a beautiful open back embellished with straps which provides a risque combination of skin. The knee high boots reach all the way to your upper thigh which will make for some really fun and interesting pairing with other outfits. Both of R2 Fashion's releases are 100% mesh allowing you to move fluidly in any pose.

I chose to pair this outfit with Pididdle's flower to give the entire look a softer more feminine touch.  This entire look makes me feel confident. Almost as if I could stop a bull in it's tracks.

The Look- El Toro! Ole! 
Hair- Lamb- Mess-Snickers
Skin- PXL-Faith- Sun kissed with Cherry Lips and Cat Eyes
Dress- R2 Fashion- Metallic Dress- Red
Shoes- R2 Fashion- Knee High Boots- Red
Flower- Pididdle- Ceramic Flower Headpiece- Rose
Location- Zaara

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