Saturday, October 27, 2012

Russett into Fall


After several weeks of teasing Fall has finally made it's way to my part of the world. When Fall hits there is nothing I enjoy more than heading into my kitchen and cooking delicious treats. This weekend I'm entering full baker's mode and whipping up a batch of cookies for my husband's colleagues. Chocolate chip, Oatmeal and Peanut Butter are all on the list; so is carving a pumpkin to celebrate Halloween. Let's just say my kitchen is going to get a lot of use in the next couple of days.

The wonderful thing about SL is that I can find and create the kitchen of my dreams. In RL, my kitchen is not as elegant as my SL kitchen, I have to share the space with others and often there is no space to cook. Trompe Loeil has designed what I consider to be the perfect kitchen because it has the best balance of functional space and aesthetic beauty. I picked up this kitchen a while back during Collab 88 previous month's event, but even though it's no longer available at Collab88 you can still find and purchase the Timeless Kitchen at Tompe Loeil's main store.

This post is Week Thirty-Four's color on Luna's 52 week of color challenge, Russett. I'm cheating slightly as I am blending browns to make the Russett hue. The only true russett color is the scarf around my neck. Next color challenge post will be on Feldgrau, which might be a tricky color for me to find.

The Look- Russett into Fall
Hair- Truth- Sam-Chestnut with Roots
Skin- PXL- Faith- Sun kissed
Scarf- Milk Motion- Chain Link Wool Scarf- Brown
Earrings- LaGyo- Ludovica- Earrings
Shirt- Surf Coture- Changing Leaves Sweater
Pants- Sn@tch- Classic Trousers- Brown
Shoes- Ingenue- Arine- Latte
Background Items
Kitchen- Trompe Loeil- Timeless Kitchen- Yellow
Sweet Cart- Artilleri- Kim Cakestand- New store location
Toaster- Artilleri- Bixelita Toaster
Grocery Bag of Goodies-: ) BCC macaron Paper bag Chocolate

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