Tuesday, November 8, 2011

52 weeks of Color Challenge, Week 52- Orange you Happy?

52 Weeks of Color Challenge- Orange

It's the final post on Luna's 52 weeks of Color Challenge. I delayed a bit in writing this post because to me it's a sad one. I loved that Luna created these color challenges for our blogging community. Each week I would shop around trying to find the perfect color match. Some weeks I hit it spot on, some....mmm not so much.

The point is those of us that completed this color challenge did so because it was fun. We felt a sense of unity among fellow bloggers that pushed us further in our commitment until we completed all 52 weeks. That's a year. I'll tell you towards the middle of the challenge I nearly gave up, because I thought I would never catch up after falling so far behind, but I had some encouragement from fellow blogger, Beulah Mills (who sadly left SL recently).

Every week I looked forward to adding my picture to the flickr group and seeing each blogger provide their interpretation of the color. There were artistic photos, photos of fashion and even personal photos added to this pool. Such a wonderful unique group of bloggers.

You might be asking, What's next for blogging challenges? I know there is a new Alphabet Challenge going around, Luna is currently working on it, although I'm not sure on the details I bet Luna has them listed on her blog. For me, I think I'll take a break on blogger challenges for a while to focus on other projects and continue blogging.

Currently I am running for Chancellor in CDS. I've been campaigning by creating a special blog for my campaign. I even created a basket filled with campaign goodies. Inside the basket there are not only promotional material for my campaign, but a bottle of wine I made specifically for CDS and an "I voted button so citizens can wear after they submitted their vote. I'm not sure if I will win this election, but it's been an interesting and exciting time trying. I promise to update here on what happnes after the election. Cross your fingers for me that I'll have good news to report.

The Look- Orange you Happy?
Hair- Truth- Lilia- Browns Packs
Skin-Adam and Eve- Piper-Natural
Dress- Ingenue-Martine Dress- Harvest
Shoes-Ingenue-Tallula Heels- Harvest
Location- CDS, Colonia Nova Sim
Pose-!bang-Just Shut Up 8

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