Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spoiled Homemaker- Week 50 Mulberry

Spoiled Homemaker

Can you believe I'm still wearing my Spoiled Vampire Princess Avie? It's been almost two weeks and I'm still having so much fun, sadly all good things must come to an end and it's time to retire my doll after today's post. I've found a new toy to play with.....a Centaur. I can't wait to snap some photos and show you all my new Halloween costume.

For today's post I'm playing the Spoiled Homemaker. I have been working hard on my home in CDS decorating and trying to get it all settled in. I almost have my kitchen area complete it just needs a few more final touches...then I can call it perfect. Ok not perfect but perhaps done.

My outfit is for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge post week 50 color Mulberry. During Collab 88 I found a cute dress from Ingenue, I knew it would be perfect for this week's challenge and for showcasing fall. The next Color Challenge is Cream. 

The Look- Spoiled Homemaker
Hair--Lamb- Heart- Chocolate Bars
Avatar-TSG-BJD- Spoiled Vampire Princess
Dress- Ingenue-Martine Dress- Eggplant

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