Friday, July 15, 2011

Newness and News from Bells Boutique

Hello Sweethearts!
Flower Bloomers-Skittles Pack

Bells Boutique is proud to announce our newest shorts, "Flower Bloomers".  I created these shorts as a way to beat the summer heat and cool down. Flower Bloomers are a fun floral patten short complete with a sculpted cuff and flower button. Flower Bloomers are available in four colors Sea (Green), Sunshine (Yellow), Fire (Red/Orange), Sky (Blue)

Remember I'm still selecting one person to Win my new release. The qualifications for  entry into each contests is really simple. Just click my subscriber kiosk at the front of Bells Boutique. As a member you are automatically entered into the contest. I choose at random so everyone has a fair chance.

The Winner of the New Release is EmY Khaos  and HonestHeart Resident If you happen to see them around SL make sure you send them a congrats. They will be sporting a skittles pack which contains all four colors of Flower Bloomers. 

HeyCupcake! Bikini

Oh and Bells Boutique is also Participating in the Cupcake War Hunt so if you're feeling like doing a hunt and picking up some wonderful gifts please visit the cupcake war main website for more information.

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