Monday, June 21, 2010

"Under a Blanket Of Blue" with Amacci and KessKreations

Carina Larsen of Amacci dropped her newest skin on me, and it's pretty. Helen is available in 7 different natural tones and 8 different make up options. My favorite makeup out of the set is Cherry. The lips have a soft pink tint to them as if stained by eating some delicious fruit. The eyeshadow has a tint of blue/gray to it and provides a bit of a sultry appeal while the pink highlighter shadow on top only accents the beauty of the color in the lips. I'm paring this skin with Amacci's eyes all have a great sparkle and shine to them. I don't normally wear blue eyes, but I think it might be something I will try out for a bit.

The Necklace is designed by Kesseret Steeplechase of KessKreations Jewely. The Shelly necklace is available on the Etheria Sim as a collaborative project from some of the best jewelry designers in SL. Shelly is one necklace that caught my eye because of ability to re texture. If you're ever looking for a  necklace that is customizable Kess Kreations is the place to shop. All parts of this necklace can be changed: The Metal, Bow, Roses and Gemstones. I think this necklace is wonderful for dressing up a simple outfit giving the right amount of detail without becoming too heavy.

The Look- Shades of Blue
Hair-ETD-Marisela II
Skin-Amacci- Helen-Cherry
Eyes-Amacci Real Eyes-Blue & Brown
Necklace-KessKreations-Shelly Necklace

Just you and I beneath the stars.
Wrapped in the arms of sweet romance,
The night is ours.- Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong


Luna Jubilee said...

really a beautiful photo!

Kesseret Steeplechase said...

That is a really gorgeous photo! Simple, elegant, minimal. I apologize for not commenting earlier and saying thank you! I am excited you like the necklace and the versatility. :)