Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saturday Morning

It's Saturday which mean it's time to recap the little "look of the day", experiment I had attempted this week. I'm choosing to consider this as a blogging WIN rather than fail. My normal blogging has been once a week twice at tops; however, this week I pushed a little more and managed to get 5 posts out of 7 and you know what? I'm kinda proud. (those two days SL was wonky really threw me off and pushed me back.) I have decided that I really like Look of the Days more because they allow me to mix and match several designers at once. I loved the challenge of coming up with a different look each day, editing photos and writing a bit. I hope that next week I can keep up with the record I set this week, perhaps exceed it. After all anything is possible ;)

On to the look...
Beach Babe look of the day
Hair-Amacci Hair-Alli-Brown Sugar
Skin-Dutch Touch-Sjors-Carmel Trix CL2 FR- (Queen's day Gify)
Earings-Artilleri-Glitter Love-Greens
*Bikini-Whippet&Buck-Frilly Little Set-Striped Phoe4-(SLDD item, last week)
Flower-Artilleri- Orchid Flower-White
Pose-Glitterati-PDA (is dead)-Pose fair 2010 Female Exclusive.

Saturday morning
And who's gonna play with me
Six in the morning baby
I got a long long day ahead of me-The Eels

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